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Professional Development

The purpose of the APIA is Professional Development. Our goal is to achieve the HIGHEST STANDARDS in the field of professional investigations in the private sector.  We will constantly “raise the bar”. Efforts to achieve these goals occur in six (6) areas. We serve as our brothers keepers and are committed to our members needs, development and success as Professional Private Investigators.

Education and Training
APIB Activity
Professional Associations

Legislation – Using our Lobbying status to improve the existing licensing law by establishing  minimum standards for qualification to be licensed. None are currently required, other than taking an exam.  We are advocating for an Apprentice status to more easily attract newcomers to the field, and provide a means to train new applicants.  We are also exploring an Agency License provision. Currently, all licenses are individual so companies that hire these individuals are do not fall under the jurisdiction of the APIB.  If they are out of state, they do not fall under the civil jurisdiction of the Alabama Courts. APIA works to head off any legislation that may have negatively affect the way our work is performed.

Education and Training – Investment in this area is significant.  Classroom education is afforded to members, not just to earn credits for licensing, but to open doors and expose attendees to investigative techniques, resources, and others in differing fields of investigation.  Our classes are scheduled quarterly at our quarterly meetings (2 classroom hours each) and at our annual conference held in October at the time of our usual quarterly meeting.  That conference consists of 2 days of classroom education. Presenters/Speakers are leaders in our field and teach attendees through classes covering ethics, basics of investigation, to business acumen, and some high level subjects.  These are truly some of the most interesting topics you will hear about.

APIB Activity – Using our seat on the regulatory board to convey our thoughts and ideas, as well as, assist the Board when called on to do so. We are currently assisting with legislative language that will be introduced to improve the current requirements.

Recruitment – is key to growing our organization, as well as bringing in members with expert skills in various disciplines. The APIA currently consists of members with varying expertise from Insurance to Arson to Criminal Defense to Domestic Relations to Cyber Security to Fraud Investigation to Surveillance to Process Service to Undercover to Executive Security to other specialties. Being a member of APIA helps to protect your profession from unwanted legislated restrictions. Every member has a voice here whether it comes to legislation that we are presenting or opposing.

Professional Associations – are sought out for recruitment purposes also.  We encourage other associations to be our partners in education and training, as well as allowing individual member to collaborate with their members.  These associations will foster good will and expand knowledge and awareness of members of all partnering groups.

Oversight  -    the APIA has no authority to discipline any Licensed Investigator, and our Association can only deal with membership status should a complaint be presented as to conduct or character of a member.  We do, however, keep watch for unlicensed investigators. Should we become aware of misconduct of any investigator, we can report that to the APIB.  The APIA is obligated to provide this vigilance in order to weed out unsavory elements from our profession. Ultimately APIA belongs to it's members and we are here to support their development and success.

There is no better way to serve the people of Alabama, the businesses of Alabama, the Legal Community than to provide the best in private sector investigators! Join us to be part of the best. 

Professional Associations

Just as membership in the APIA affords its members access to Legislative input, Education and Training, we encourage investigators to broaden their knowledge by being involved in other professional associations related to the field of investigations. Some of these organizations that our members are affiliated with are:

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